New ‘GTFO’ Rundown “The Vessel” Arriving June 11th

If you haven’t yet experienced the glorious mayhem and tension that 10 Chambers Collective’s action/horror FPS GTFO brings to co-op shooters, the upcoming third update is definitely one you should check out. Releasing on June 11, the third event aka Rundown, entitled “The Vessel“, features brand-new story elements, along with a new environment called “Lab”, seven new expeditions, new weapons, and of course, a new enemy.
The upcoming rundown features a story element told from the viewpoint of one of the crew’s younger family members. “The story of GTFO has been somewhat of a mysterium, and we also want to keep it partly that way and not disclose everything about it openly and easily accessible, as it brings together the community in discussions and helping each other find the clues and figure out how they all fit together”, says 10 Chambers’ Simon Viklund. “In Rundown 003, The Vessel, you will be able to find more of these clues and start getting a better picture of what is really happening down in The Complex.”
To help them flesh out the story, 10 Chambers has enlisted the help of Adam Gascoine, who has previously worked on DOOM, DOOM Eternal, and The Last of Us. “We have also added strength to programming, and design and illustration – where we have found someone very fitting for GTFO”, states 10 Chambers founder Ulf Andersson.
Currently, GTFO is in Early Access on Steam.
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