Monty Python’s John Cleese is frustrated with Donald Trump and people who support him. Check out his reaction!

In a free world, people have the right to express their views on various issues that are going on around the world. What comes along with a free world is a free expression of speech and the liberty for an individual to express their likes and dislikes, ensuring that their viewpoints don’t hurt any individual’s sentiments. Whenever one has to express their views on any individual, that brings certain responsibilities along. It’s not a good idea to talk behind anyone’s personality while completely enjoying the freedom of expression that they have been given in the liberal world. What happened recently is an example of someone’s individuality and respect for privacy being breached. Anyone’s sentiments must be tried not to be hurt as that can lead to devastating circumstances and the repercussions could be weighed heavily. What had happened in the USA? An individual named John Cleese runs the podcast named The Last Laugh where he has dissented against many political leaders and has defamed many others as per his personal opinions. Anyone has the right to express their thoughts on any other individual, however, what happened on that podcast was something that was seen with wide criticism. The host talked about Donald Trump being an insensitive president and someone who would not care about anyone’s happiness and yet would get voted in power as he is the president currently. These were entirely his words and his ideas, however, experts have taken that negatively calling it a practice that could have been avoided. He targeted other leaders who were the heads of their respective nations. Whatever be the views of others, an individual must express their viewpoints ensuring that they don’t cross the limit of what they must be speaking.

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