Dragon Ball Should Introduce Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta Into Canon

Super Dragon Ball Heroes shocked a lot of fans recently with its fourth episode of the Big Bang Mission season that shows off the Xeno version of Vegeta accessing the power of Super Saiyan 3, a transformation that has seemingly long alluded the prince of the Saiyans in the main continuity and we’re throwing our hat into the ring in support of the anti-hero finally getting this long haired boost in the main continuity. Though the levels of Super Saiyan have been surpassed by the Super Saiyan levels of God and Blue respectively, there’s still many reasons for why Vegeta should learn it.
When Goku and Vegeta first fought during the Majin Buu Saga, with the prince of the Saiyans gaining a Majin power up, the two battled as Super Saiyan 2s during their slugfest, but Son was holding in his back pocket the ability to go to the third level, something which burned Vegeta’s pride. Though Super Saiyan 3 does have its flaws, its long past time that Vegeta learns every technique that Goku learned during the days of Dragon Ball Z!
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It Could Bring Back Super Saiyan 3 In A Big Way
(Photo: Toei Animation)Super Saiyan 3 has been the “black sheep” of the Dragon Ball Z universe when it comes to Saiyan transformations, and while many fans definitely understandably think it looks a little goofy in comparison to the less garish appearances of the first two forms, the transformation itself has a unique charm to it. Much like Super Saiyan 4, it feels far different from what came before and leans closer into the origins of the Saiyan race itself. Dragon Ball Super hasn’t used Super Saiyan 3 that much in the past so it definitely would be a good time to revisit it with Vegeta learning it in full. 

It’s A Good Look For Vegeta
(Photo: Toei Animation)Honestly, Goku looking meaner and more dangerous with larger eyebrows and wild, unkempt hair doesn’t exactly fit well with his lighter character, but for Vegeta, this makes perfect sense as the Prince of the Saiyans may have had a change of heart thanks in part to his family that he got on Earth, but he still will always have a harder edge than the other Z Fighters. In the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, we got to see the transformation play out with “Xeno Vegeta”, a Saiyan Prince from another time line, and he was looking pretty amazing!

Goku Can Do It, Why Can’t Vegeta?
(Photo: Toei Animation)Goku has been able to transform into a Super Saiyan 3 since the middle of the Majin Buu Saga and with Vegeta’s number one goal being able to surpass the Z Fighter, it’s long past time he showed that he was able to pull off the same transformations that his rival can. Even if only for fan service reasons, Vegeta could show that he reached this same level that Goku was only able to achieve by training in the afterlife. There are serious downsides to the transformation in terms of how much stamina it eats, but it would definitely be a nod to fans if you gave them the knowledge that the Saiyan Prince has learned how to transform into a Super Saiyan 3!

The Fans Want It
(Photo: Bandai / Shueisha)Based on the response of the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, fans are popping off about Vegeta finally achieving a technique that audiences have been waiting for for decades. Ultimately, we doubt that the Saiyan Prince would use the technique much with his ability to access the power of the Gods at this point, but it’s definitely a case of just knowing that he can do it and has that ace up his sleeve for the future that would satiate a lot of fans’ wish list for the character of Vegeta. 

It Could Give Vegeta A Story All For Himself
(Photo: Toei Animation)In the past, we’ve expressed our interest in a spin-off series for Vegeta and while we don’t foresee that happening any time soon, the prince of the Saiyan’s quest to learn Super Saiyan 3 would make for a good impetus for venturing out on his own. While this transformation wouldn’t ultimately make him stronger than Goku, it would bridge the gap between the two in what they can both achieve and we’d love to see just how Super Saiyan 3 can be learned (since we actually don’t know how Goku was able to master it in the first place).
Vegeta will always be a fan favorite of the Dragon Ball series and the closer he comes to achieving his dream of defeating Goku, the more we believe fans will rally behind the long time anti-hero!

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