The Source |Sprite Premieres ‘Dreams Realized’ Commercial During 2020 BET Awards, Pledges $500K to BLM

Sprite debuted their new commercial, Dreams Realized, during the 2020 BET Awards Sunday night.

The 1-minute long video emphasizes the company’s commitment to amplify the voices of young Black creators.

Hip-hop photographer Cam Kirk helped curate content from a diverse group of Atlanta-based creatives. These images capture the essence of life in Atlanta, Sprite’s hometown.

On top of making a group of Atlanta-based creatives dreams’ a reality, the brand pledged $500,000 to the Black Lives Matter movement. Additionally, the “Give Back” program has a goal to make meaningful contributions to Black communities fighting against the racial and COVID-19 pandemic.

Sprite will work alongside influential hip-hop figures such as 2Chainz and Metro Boomin to select various creators and organizations serving their communities and allocate $300,000 to amplify those partners’ voices and help them affect change.

Check out the commercial below if you missed it during BET’s 20th-anniversary award ceremony.

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